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  1. hope they will at least take in to this in the next months.. since a loots of people uses console commands, especially after tehy beat the game once..
  2. HI To the Point : after installing both expanison White March I and II ( i bought season pass via STEAM) and load my save game i have noticed ,after i have changed to another location to the game - WHITE BUG in the HUD - see below Any solution? My rig Nvidia 980Ti Asus I74790K 32gb ram win 8.1 64 bit. DxDiag for Bug.txt output_log.txt
  3. Please make it happen.. For you its 5 minutes work. I used to have a Grat "DemiGOD" Dwarf character with HIGH "Changed" stats .. and now... its just a .... little dwarf....
  4. Still LAAGG every 20 sec No matter what i do doesnt matters drivers and so on... MUSAT be the game issue.. please fix it same problem here https://steamcommuni...57398967718815/
  5. problem here https://steamcommuni...57398967718815/
  6. !!!!!!!!!Althought of patch 1.4 had been released MICROSTUTTER lag is still presence in the game!!!!!!! Best to see this -1 sec lag- when watching selected party member moving- then after some 20 sec. there is always a one second lag same problem here https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398967718815/ Rig GF 980 GTX Asus I 7 4790 K win 8.1 32 GB geil gaming
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