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Paladin or barb would probably get the most out of it. Also looks better on them than a wizard.

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I usually give it to my priest. Would work well on a chanter too.

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Paladin or Barb - most of the time. Also depends on the look and feel of the char and the type of armor he wears. This helm looks best if you combine it with a hide armor like Wayfarer's Hide or something like that. That's just my opinion of course.


I would really appreciate it if we could enchant helmets with a +2 stat bonus.

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Yeah, generally I just try to +2 to all my guys in the relevant stats. (I.E, everything but con and res, and Int for some). Int is normally either going to come from that helm, or the body enchant, so it shouldn't matter much who gets it. If your priest gets the helm, he gets a perception enchant or something on this body, and the wizard gets a Int enchant on the body and the perception goggles.

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