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*missing maps 175*



So I just ran into this during my exploration of the WM1.  On the world map (when leaving Durgans Battery area, before actually entering Durgans Battery itself), there is an area to the north of the Durgans Battery map that displays *missing maps 175*.  Not sure what that means.  The only thing I can think of is that is in reference to an area that will become available in the WM2.  This is only on the World Map, and I can't actually travel to it.  Anybody else see this?

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I am getting the same thing - I thought it was related to WM2 as well but then I got an item which showed a similar error about missing stats ... ?


The two things are likely unrelated.


*Itemmod missing* just means a text string with the ability's name is not linked to that particular item but it should. You can report it as a bug in the technical forum (though I chances are the devs are already aware.)


This new map with no name, on the other hand, is almost certainly a new area from TWM pt. II that they forgot to "purge" from the build when they pushed 2.03 live. It's the same with the new companion's portrait, which is in the game portrait folder.

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I finished the game yesterday and was about top reload the pre-endgame save to continue on to the White March when I noticed the same as reported above.

I did not, or ever used console commands in this game.

Since savegames are 5MB and the upload limit is 1 I'll link to the savegame and screenshot.








For if I can of any more assistance I'll watch this thread.





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