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Game breaking bug!



I am not sure when this happened, but quests stopped working... something is corrupt in the game, and i think it is since i killed the old watcher and became owner of od nua keep...


Many things break... quests won't end (i killed the king's brother, the rebel, now the king won't talk to me to end the quest), i have double ability, look at the screenshot :




Also when i killed the old warden, i chose to link him to the keep.... i went to the south room with spiders, killed them all, and at the end of the fight i got the dialog to choose what to do with the old warden AGAIN... that's why i got that special ability in double...


Other strange things happen also, like sommunable from enchanter not dying after fight and keep walking around with my party, even between different areas of the games. Only way to get rid of him is to reload a save game.


I am not sure what is going on, can i restore the game or is this save completely corrupt? i can send you the files if you tell me which ones you need.

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Hi there,


This issue is addressed in our 2.02 patch which is in beta right now. If you would like, you can find information on how to opt in to the beta branch here, or you can bear with us for a little while longer until the patch goes live. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for you support. 

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Hello DrakenKin,


Its seems that your save file has been corrupted and rolled back on the data. Which is why you are "rediscovering" things you have already done. Could you please upload a save file and an output log via dropbox so I can take a look? 


I would suggest to loading an older save before the corruption or starting a new game. Before doing that, 2.02 is now live, so please opt out of the beta. and Verify your game cache in steam.


Thank you for your support. 

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