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Maerwald Dialogue Bug in Caed Nua (quicksave after dialogue, spoiler alert)



There is a gamebreaking bug in Pillars of Eternity from the first version of the game and still it is in the last version of the game in the 2017.

There are many bugreports about this bug on the forums, but it has never been repaired.


All credits for the solution goes to zjazdThanks a lot, man!!!

I have just made this tutorial for others.

Pictures are clickable.


Spoiler alert!


To reproduce this bug, you need to do the following:

  1. First, go to Caed Nua to the Maerwald;
  2. You will have a conversation with him;
  3. Then after the conversation he will attack you;
  4. You can quicksave before fight after conversation begins;
  5. Quicksave caused this gamebreaking bug.

After quicksave and quickload you will not receive Maerwald's soul and you can't proceed in the main quest after that. You can't finish "The Old Watcher" quest and "Never Far from the Queen" quest won't automatically start.


Solution is to load normal save before dialog with him and replay the dialogue and fight scene.

But if you don't have that save and have 15 hours gameplay after that, you're stuck.


There is one alternative solution here on forums from Lagbird



I tested this solution, reproduced all the steps, everething's fine except one thing - "The Old Watcher" quest will be undone anyway.

I also tried to force advance this quest with different console commands with no luck.

ForceAdvanceQuest and others are useless.

And also I'm not sure that SetGlobalValue b_watcher_chamber 1 works properly...

So, I decided to start over my 20 hours game...

But suddenly I discovered that post from zjazd





The following are the steps to repair the broken "The Old Watcher" quest, I believe, in any state of the game and proceed to the next quest without console and IE mod, also you will obtain Mearwald soul in accordance with game logic. It's a little tricky :)


1) Download Eternity Keeper Save Game Editor by Fyorl


2) unzip it in any desired location


3) locate your Pillars of Eternity save directory

usually it's here:

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity

%USERPROFILE% is something like C:\Users\your-name-here


4) start the game


5) load any save, go to Caed Nua, go to the lovely keeper in the main hall



6) save the game with something like "quest recovery" in title


7) Alt+Tab the game, launch eternity.exe from the step 2


8 ) paste or browse your save location in Save game editor

mine is like that:




9) locate your "quest recovery" save file in Save game editor, but don't open it, usually it's the last save



10) go to the temp directory of the Save Editor


%USERPROFILE% is something like C:\Users\your-name-here


11) locate your "quest recovery" save directory with last numbers in name of the directory and go the the directory



12) open your "quest recovery" save file in Save game editor


13) go back to the directory from step 11 and delete there two files





14) go back to the Save game editor and save the save file, press "Save modifications" even it's greyed out



15) Alt+Tab the game, quit completely, start the game and load your modified save, something like: "quest recovery (edited)"


16) Ta-daaam, go to kill artful as a barrel of monkeys Maerwald, so tricky to save his own soul that even Obsidian developers for over 3 years couldn't surpass him! Kill that ****ty bastard!!!



As I said before all credits goes to zjazdThanks a lot, man!!!

I just made this tutorial for others.


P. S. My apologies for bad English, it's not my native language, so forgive me :)

P. S. S. Also beware of jpeg desease, these pictures have that poison a lot, could attach only 500 KB at all :D

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