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Naming Your Character!!

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I always named my own characters. But I do think it's really cool that they have all those different generated ones. And they can also be personalized, and some of them gave me ideas for my own names. Besides, last names are hard to think up.


Well, it'd be cool if that feature came back. I don't see why it wouldn't.

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I always made my own. I cannot be held back by pre generated names. Though it was a rather nice feature for those lacking creativity. :rolleyes:


Various names I used included Kara Jade (a classic), Krayt Fyre, Quixote Richax, Niobe Relx, and many, many others. All JT originals. :lol:



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Is it THAT hard to implement a name and a sur-name?


I named my first Character "Rygar Trogg" and he referred to that everytime after that.


I mean, it could be cool, that people refer to you as Rygar, or Master Trogg or something.


I mean, yoda only has one name that everyone know of, but Qui-Gon was always referred as "Master Jinn" or something.


and such.

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