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  1. Im am currently a Freshman in college, I will be attending Concord University over the next 4-8 years havent decided, but what I really want to know is.. This school offers Computer Science now im not sure if this is just programming or if they offer any game design, but how would I go about finding out or would I be able to enter into the industry with a masters degree in Comp Science?? Thank you..
  2. Im trying to make game saves for KOTOR 2, but I need your help. If you have an Action Replay and are willing to try a game save I have altered i'd be thankful. I'll tell you how to contact me and i'll send you it, or i'll upload it and send the link any and all help is appreciated.
  3. Im trying to make game saves for KOTOR 2, but I need your help. If you have an Action Replay and are willing to try a game save I have altered i'd be thankful. I'll tell you how to contact me and i'll send you it, or i'll upload it and send the link any and all help is appreciated.
  4. The Sith'ari was a perfect being who would rise to power and bring balance to the Force. According to prophecy, the Sith'ari would rise up and destroy the Sith, but in the process would return to lead the Sith and make them stronger than ever before, a striking parallel to the Chosen One of Jedi legend, though it is most likely that the Sith'ari and Chosen One are one and the same. Found this info at.. http://www.e-paranoids.com/s/si/sith.html
  5. It's a good chance. I forgot about her talking about that, but now that you mention it. I remember lol. Perhaps the Sith'ari are the Original race mixed with the fallen Jedi, and maybe they fled Korriban becuz they knew something bad was gonna happen. So they went to the Unknown Regions to breed more. Ehh, anyways now were gonna have alot of Marko Rangos mini me's lurking around the galaxy.
  6. Hmm, everyone here has good theorys but, there is no "True Sith" anymore the race is gone, but what if the "New Race" the one where Jedi matted with them is what Kreia and everyone is referring too... Revan did know what was out there, the real threat why do you think he looked for the Star Forge like he did. He wanted to prepare himself for what was to come, but Malak screwed up he attacked Revan without knowing what was comming.
  7. http://www.petitiononline.com/012387/petition.html I didn't make the petition, but I thought people at Obsidian Forums might like to sign.
  8. My source is a Star Wars book, kinda like a facts and myths book called Star Wars- Fact's, Myths, and Legends.. They don't make them anymore, although they still might have some around, you can ask your local bookstore, Waldens or Bookland perhaps and they might have some info for you, but it has like 20 pages of names of races a picture of each race and characteristics and place of origin.
  9. Actually Yoda's race does have a name and it has been revealed.. He is a Gherkin, that is the actual name for his kind, so don't try to argue about it.. Expecially if you don't know what your talking about..
  10. Ive beat the game 20 times 10 ls 10 ds and on my last ls I had just found out that I could convert Yuthira Ban to the LS, so after my 19th time of beating it, im still finding side quests and things I didnt get to do before.
  11. Oh for heavens sake, im getting sick and tired of seeing posts just like this everywhere.... For all I care they all could have died in some accident and it wouldent bother me one bit.... STOP MAKING USELESS TOPICS if some people had brains, they might actually go back a page and see that basically 10,000,000 of the same damn thing exists!!!
  12. Sure it can all you gotta do is work around all of that. Anyone can fall to the darkside.. Expecially ones who have done it before.
  13. I kinda think that the Sith Lord that everyone is talking about is possibly Revan.. They said that he dissapeared, what if that really is him. The PC is supposed to find out what happened to Revan during the game. It could work out.
  14. It should to add a more realistic aspect to the game. I mean no is ever gonna be day/night 24/7.
  15. LucasArts now has the release set at a Winter release. Which was changed from Feb 2005.
  16. Well do you dissagree? Cause is you do, hehe, then your one of those f***ing people.
  17. Its annoying some people don't want this forum to be flooded with 900,000 of the same damn topic. One should be sufice. If no one answers to the first one, then no one must really care much about it. This is an Knights of the Old Republic 2 forum not KOTOR:AE <<< you can go to the gaming forum for that. QUIT FLOODING THE DAMN FORUM. Just makes it twice as hard to find an older topic. Errr
  18. no need for words: Yea I know I mistyped I was thinking about X-Box when I typed that I know that the PS2 was out a year and a half before both systems lol there fixed.
  19. Most people don't notice this but lol 65% of all the X-Box games are made by Microsoft. While Nintendo and Sony make alot of games for their system other companies support them before they would support Microsoft. And people are probably wondering why that is. Well I can answer that most game companies hate Microsoft. I can't blame them I bought my X-Box for one reason.. Halo! It is the best FPS game i've ever played and now Halo 2 comes out Then theres all these Tom Clancy games that rock. And theres Star Wars KOTOR 1 and 2, Morrowind, Madden 2004, Fable I mean the X-Box is making a comebac
  20. This guy I know and trust said that KOTOR 2 was going to be multiplayer not I don't know if this is true and I pray its not but he said that Lucasarts and Obsidian released info on this. Please someone tell me this is not true, because if it is I might not but KOTOR 2 it would literally ruin the game. Besides I know coding and if they did make it multiplayer they would have to redo almost the entire engine and that would take a long time.
  21. Ugh no thats not true im sorry. KOTOR is great, Morrowind was ehh buggy but ok in the long run, Splinter Cell and Splinter Pandora Tomorrow are both ok, Halo, Project Gotham Racing 2, Madden 2004, Fight Night 2004, and now Fable and KOTOR 2. I am a hardcore X-Box fan I would buy any game for X-Box than I would my PC.
  22. X-Box for one reason. Its portable and my PC is not.
  23. Actually im tired of games where u can basically predict its plot. 90% of RPGs plots are usually like- Someone you know is not who they seem to be. And im tired of that so I hope that this plot/twist will bring a whole new look to RPG games.
  24. I think the sith are more like Nazis than anything.
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