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  1. yep they've denied it anyway you should read from ign lol EDIT: infact i take that back this link from ign says that they have confirmed a add on, it wont be a new system but anyway I've been playing on KOTOR2 and I have to admit I was slightly disapointed mainly because it seems to cut the size down so you end up with a THICK black border (only the sides) around the game but cut scenes are pretty bad u have the thick black border all the way around and have to look at this tiny image (compared to the rest of the tv) in the middle of it.. maybe this is because of the tv ( its a 32" wi
  2. hey i do have the 360 and KOTOR2 but ive been busy playing the next gen games rather than playing the xbox ones but i will do tomorrow when i have the time but yes i have been told that the 360 does polish up games if you have HD tv- which i have, smooths out the games slightly but nothing spectacular. will edit this post tomorrow and tell you!
  3. Just out of interest even if a new KOTOR was developed, with a new engine. Would the game still be unique to the xbox or would it also be for other platforms? and also the sensible option would be to create the game for the next generation consoles, right?
  4. 100% Anakin Skywalker 100% Obi-Wan Kenobi (Post Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 100% Qui-Gon Jinn 100% Yoda 100% Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus 100% Darth Sidious 100% Exar Kun 100% Darth Maul 100% Darth Vader 86% Luke Skywalker 86% Bastila Shan 86% Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pre Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 71% Mace Windu 57% Darth Revan dude i seem to be 100% of different people split peronalities? lol
  5. well for some reason my abobe reader wont let me read them so if it is possible to share the screens then it would be nice
  6. awww wow are there any other screenies?
  7. hey sorry to sound like a grouch but I really think we should lay off a little, yeh I agree the storyline could have been a better but overall im not complaining i thought it was fun and interesting, but face it how ever much we all complain we're not goin to recieve anything more than patches for bugs, I highly doubt they're gonna restore the ending as Feargus said they can't they're a new company, they have learnt from this and there next game will be better, you leanr to ride a bike your not amazing at it right away but you do get there. *hides*
  8. personally i cant wait to get a xbox 2 my xbox ive had for 2 and 1/2 years its been bashed about in suitcases dont ask and it seems to have given up on playing my games my own fault i know but im just gunna wait for xbox 2 .
  9. i had something like this but im not sure whether it is my xbox or not whenever i play the game it says 'your xbox does not recognise this disk .. please make sure its a blah blah blah...' but eventually after turning it on and off reloading the disk it works but all my other games seem to work fine first time...
  10. yep i was wondering that i half expected mira to go and join the exile and after you killed kreia i thought we'd go to remote and goto and discuss whether or not to finish off malachor and the ebon hawk presumably the party members woke up and started the ship up again?even though it was damaged? as kreia says they all live on ,could anyone shed some light on this?
  11. Isnt that the whole point of a storyline? to make the audience feel for the characters and to make the audience emotional in what ever way anger ? fear? happiness? sadness?
  12. is there anything at all in the international versions or the pc version that is different from the US xbox version anything at all? or did they just use the same one but translate the language? sorry if this has been discussed before
  13. hehe this revan goin to fight the 'true sith' reminds me of halo u have the covenant (your enemy) but then the flood (the real enemy) just rambling but it sort of is the same as the sith are your enemy but the REAL sith may just be trying to kill both the sith and the jedi oh well...
  14. IF the pc version is patched up does that mean international xbox version may be patched up as well or just the pc? what do you guys think?
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