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  1. I tried both methods and they work. Thanks! Was getting very frustrated for a while.
  2. Overland map "should I attack" is driving me nuts. The AI refuses to attack during combat so it becomes a manual clickfest. Any solution to this major annoyance?
  3. 18GB is crazy. Oh well, time for a bigger hard drive. As for the CPU, I'll stick with my E6600 until next year when Core i7 prices fall. I'm sure a dual core system can handle it if your video card is decent.
  4. yep, still alive. I crawled out from under my rock to make a post! Might hang around for a while this time... There's no PC demo yet, but I'll check it out if one appears. It's always better to 'feel' a game in action than watch a trailer. Still, if there's tons of precision jumps and trial and error I doubt I'll enjoy it.
  5. A first-person platformer with annoying jumping puzzles? What a shame. Could've been amazing. I thought this game would be a classic when I saw that HD trailer with the gorgeous outdoor scenery and ambient music, but presentation isn't everything. Doubt I'll buy it now. Respawning enemies also bug me - NOLF2 scarred me for life.
  6. I quit X3 after 10 minutes. The interface was a confusing mess which immediately turned me off. X2/ X-tension were far superior, and IMO, the original game is still the best for atmosphere. It might not have the open-ended gameplay of the sequels but it felt like you were in an actual universe, not a boring economy sim.
  7. My post certainly wasn't spam. I asked whether Eldar played in third person and his reply is still here. Makes no sense now...
  8. The "good" track is in the game. It's the one I always get. Never played evil in Torment.
  9. Nope, the mouse is in my right hand. I'm just used to the arrow keys. I attempted to use wasd but it felt strange. I've been doing it too long to change now.
  10. First thing I did was change wasd to the arrow keys. I do this even in FPS games. :D
  11. I never use the slider though I'm tempted to do so when mobbed by Goblin warlords. Those guys are nasty. The only problem I have with the difficulty is that certain creatures have no business being that tough. I was out exploring some place at level 12 when I encountered my first black bear. Easy I thought - I've just wasted a bunch of daedra at Kvatch... *ahem*.. I died! Those bears are lethal. And lets not forget the mountain lion. Took me out in like 2 hits.
  12. Yep, and even that is hard to do unless you intentionally pick skills you rarely use. I had alchemy as a minor and that went up 10 in no time. As a major it'd level you like crazy. Combat is the main culprit though. Just by doing the fighters guild quests I rose like 10-15 levels. I've maxed out both heavy armor & armorer with blunt & block close behind. My other majors - security, mercantile, and athletics are way behind. At least you aren't forced to sleep. So you could avoid leveling if you really want to.
  13. The scaling is bad enough but respawning enemies just make it worse. Kill every bandit in one of those ruins and a while later they are back, only sporting their nice new shiny armor and weapons. This is repeated over and over again. You can return at your leisure to grab the better loot. Money is even less of a problem in Oblivion than Morrowind. Btw, it's not really about difficulty but the incentive to explore and level your character. There's not much point to explore because you're not going to find anything you can't get in any of the dungeons. There may be a few unique items but mo
  14. I hate the scaling in Oblivion. Possibly the worst I've seen. Not just because everything is at your level but they have the same gear too. Glass, daedric, ebony, you name it. Bandits even occupy the same position. I think Bethesda didn't expect people to revisit places they'd looted before. haha! Want to find that ringleader? No problem, he's standing exactly where the previous one was! It killed the immersion almost stone dead for me. Is there even a need for scaling? Gothic 2 had none. But the sense of accomplishment as you improved your skills was unmatched. The reward vs risk factor
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