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2.01 Weapon Focus: Noble effect accuracy bonus bug



The plus 6 accuracy bonus from Weapon Focus: Noble is not being added to Eder's primary stat


So far tested no accuracy bonus from rapier (plus 5) or fine dagger (plus 5 and the fine bonus of plus 4)


Also things get even more unusual with Heodan's starting dual daggers, both give plus five on both main hand and off hand... however change either or both of those starting daggers for other daggers and he loses the plus 5 accuracy on main and off hand.

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Hello everyone,


Torm51 is correct. This is indeed an accuracy bonus issue overall. Fortunately this bug is a UI updating issue and it doesn't affect your character in combat. If you look at the combat log, the appropriate accuracy value will be shown. I will create a new bug addressing the issue with accuracy bonuses.


Thank you all for your support!

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