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[1.06] Two Sided: Awakening experts desperately sought



After completing Aloth's quest "Two Sided", you still retain the possibility to ask everyone in the Sanitarium whether they know an expert in Awakenings. This makes no sense, as you already know who said expert is and you don't need their services any longer to boot.


The issue is particularly jarring when you meet a character for the first time after solving Aloth's quest (e.g. Nans) and one of your dialog options is: "What do you know about Awakenings?", which is clearly meant for Aloth's quest.







Load the attached saved game.

Open your Journal and observe that Aloth's quest, Two Sided, has been completed.

Back to the game, talk to Ethelmoer.

Observe that you can still ask him, "Does anyone here know anything about Awakenings?"


If you've completed Aloth's quest, chances are you've already asked Ethelmoer this question. Even if you haven't, you definitely already know the answer. Considering this dialog option only appears if you've started Aloth's quest, and it is therefore intrinsically related to it, it should likely disappear once the quest is completed.


Now enter the room on Ethelmoer's right and talk to Nans.

Observe that you can ask her, "What do you know about Awakenings?"

Go down the stairs and meet Moedred; talk to him.

Observe that you can tell him, "I'm looking for an expert on Awakenings."


Except you so aren't. Not anymore, since Aloth's quest is complete and you don't need an expert on Awakenings (not to mention the fact that, having completed Aloth's quest, you already know where to find one.)

Edited by AndreaColombo

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Hello, ORCACommander.  Not that I could find via standard searching methods, and not that I've seen in our database searching there.  If you have any of the files we regularly ask for that experienced that issue please upload them.  Thanks for your support!

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Seems this still hasn't been fixed as of 2.03? I still experience this, and the quest does not close in the log. The latest entry in the quest log says I need to find what's her name because she is an expert in awakenings--even though I've already spoken to her and had her to her thing with Aloth.

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