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Am I missing something or is this item really not very good? The only time I can see it paying off is versus something like the Adra Dragon, provided you're spam-healing the monk. Even then, it would take 10 wounds (!) to get a measly 4 or 5 extra damage per hit. And that's assuming you aren't going to use your wounds on anything else.


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Yeah, it could probably use some buffing. It's in the right vein: an item that boosts the monk's unique ability, albeit 2% per wound does mean you'd need to be practically dead to notice it. Making it a flat 1 raw damage per wound would do it much more justice, at least from what I see. That, or adding accuracy per wound alongside the 2% raw damage.

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I think they suck, my best crit so far on my monk has been a 103 damage torment reach crit using the resolution saber, I had 8 wounds and only 5.7 of that damage was raw.  If that's all I can get on the biggest crit I've ever had on my monk, I'd rather use the gloves that give an accuracy bonus.

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