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Ring of Protection from Copperlane vendor suppresses its own stats



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It stats are:

+10 Fortitude

+10 Reflex

+10 Will

+4 Fortitude

+4 Reflex

+2 Resolve


The highlighted stats are suppressed by the item itself.  Kinda dumb.

Indeed, either it should grant +14 fortitude/reflex, something else, or nothing at all.

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Stats it gives were changed in update, as before update it gave just +4 Fortitude +4 Reflex +2 Resolve, so I think that they decided to change it so that it gives more bonuses but forgot remove two previous enchantments from it. And now it gives you two different enchantments for same saves, which causes it to suppress lower ones.  


Difficult to say if they intended it to give +14 or just +10 as it does now.

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