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  1. I'm trying to infiltrate Noonfrost. I was spotted by a guard that was hidden from me (the player) but not from my characters by a door arch. See my screenshot below. This is the climax of frustration. Combats too are sometimes really hard to follow when the entire group is hidden behind a rock, a wall or any piece of foreground scenery. You have to hover over the green or red circles (the only thing that is visible) to know where each character is. Isn't it a way to make the foreground scenery more transparent so I can see what's happening behind?
  2. Indeed, either it should grant +14 fortitude/reflex, something else, or nothing at all.
  3. During a fight, Pallegina was knocked out a minute ago, but graphically she's still there (even though she's not participating anymore). I couldn't save since it's during the combat
  4. I have about 150 saved games (since I create a new save each time, in case I must revert back to a previous game because of a bug). The welcome screen takes a long time (about 1-2 minutes) before displaying "continue" and "load Save game". I have the little gear that is turning while I wait. I don't think the game needs to analyze the entire content of the all the saved games to allow me to continue.
  5. My chanter summoned 2 Will-o-wisps during combat. At the end of combat, the lightning attack is still showing (and animated).
  6. This isn't a bug. It's just something they didn't explain very well. When you go into your inventory, you get the option to highlight a spe item type (armor, weapon, consumable, other, etc) by clicking on the appropriate icon. However, if you click, say, the weapons icon, any weapons in your inventory will be highlighted and everything else in your inventory will be darkened.... to the point where you can't see that they're there. You've got one of the categories clicked. Unclick it. And everything will go back to being highlighted. I noticed this feature, but it was the case also with the filters removed. It seems to have been corrected in the 1.0.3 patch.
  7. It's the second time I notice that if the last conscious party member is knocked out but gets back with Second Chance, the game still displays "The party has died" and I cannot continue the fight.
  8. After having killed some ogres, I saved my game and ventured forward. In a room nearby, I found a blank ennemy that I can't attack and that doesn't attack neither. The save game: http://v.ripoll.free.fr/Temp/5e16fb590e8d4078a6700f21fb512c58 11589519 EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel3.7z
  9. I have the same issue (dungeons very dark, sometimes I can't even seen the walls), I'm glad it will be fixed. I have also a very dark inventory, the items are almost as dark as the background. Will this be fixed too?
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