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  1. I had exactly the same issue with the blacksmith in the first village. I wanted to finish his quest with the crate but he wouldn't talk to me. I couldn't save the game in the smithy. After I left and re-entered the building I could save until I talked to him again... I reloaded and still no use. Didn't try restarting the game though.
  2. I'd like to add that I have come across the looting issue three times, in different areas, since the latest patch was released. Firstly in the bear cave, then the spore cave in ansalogs compass and finally in black meadow... For the sporeling cave it was in the transition zone but for the other two times the corpses didn't have to be at the edge of the screen for me to be unable to loot. Thanks
  3. The cipher power, amplified thrust, is currently generating focus from its damage (usually 15-20 per attack). Enough to be able to cast it with every action especially when you have high might and accuracy... This is on the latest patch without any mods. Steam version.
  4. When talking to Falanroed in Black Meadow after talking to The Master Below in Od Nua you have the option of saying "[Lie] - I have brought you a gift for helping my family with a drake, some years back." The last line of her dialogue before she attacks says "Script Node 109". Somehow I doubt this meant to be referred to... I have not checked other dialogues because i am playing a no reload run. This is present on the latest PC Steam version.
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