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Reckless Assault (rogue skill) Buged



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I made a bug report about this a while ago, seems like devs ignored it and created more bugs with Patch 1.03. At this rate, looks like I'll have to shelf this game until it gets 10 more patches.


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It is still bugged, even with a new game (I started a new one).  Going to have to quit until it's fixed, as it totally ruins my main character.. Look at the description of the skill, it looks like it just keeps adding up:



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Just a heads-up to anyone still with this issue. It has been resolved and should not appear again. However, if you still have this issue on one of your characters, follow these simple steps and you should be good to go!


1. Turn OFF Reckless Assault

2. Save the Game

3. Load the Game

4. Turn ON Reckless Assault

5. Save the game

6. Load the game

7. Turn OFF Reckless Assault

8. Save the Game

9. Load the Game

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