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  1. cRichards's post in Permanent Fear Debuff was marked as the answer   
    Cail the Silent has a Fear Aura that will repeatedly try to hit you with a 3 second duration of the frightened affliction (graze for 1.5, crit for 4.5) as long as you are within the aura range. Any Young Drakes in the fight also have slightly weaker fear auras. Drakes are very scary.

  2. cRichards's post in Endless Paths Level 13 - Can't Get Through Door was marked as the answer   
    There are 4 spirits in the area, and if you talk to them to find out some proper information you should be able to make your way through the door.
  3. cRichards's post in The Man Who Waits was marked as the answer   
    You still need to gain information to convince the Head Warden to let you further into the Sanitarium.
  4. cRichards's post in Never far from the Queen was marked as the answer   
    Just to clarify, if a mask is in your inventory as a godlike character, you can don it during the dialogue when you interact with the door.
    However, if you enter the room without talking to anybody in the area, you're basically going in without knowing information on the group, so you have limited options, none of which are convincing.
    If you find the right person in the area and get proper information from them, another option can become available that can lead to progressing through the quest peacefully.
    I hope this helps.
  5. cRichards's post in Switching to dual fist in combat on monk with no free weapon slots Feature/-/- was marked as the answer   
    Having an unarmed weapon set easily accessible to all characters gives a quick way to sheathe your weapons when in towns and such for players wishing to delve into role-playing more. This does give a benefit to monk characters as they can always have their fists available, but as was stated previously, just because you sheathe your weapons doesn't mean you can't punch things.
  6. cRichards's post in BIG PROBLEM IN OD NUA LEVEL 13: Now i m level 12 and i returned to the level 13 Od Nua dungeon but... was marked as the answer   
    There are 4 spirits in the area, and if you talk to them to find out some proper information, you should be able to make your way through the door.
  7. cRichards's post in Can't advance main quest Never Far from the Queen(even with iemod) was marked as the answer   
    You shouldn't have to rename anything, even the .savegame extension. If you right-click the savefile, then you can select Open With, then choose WinRAR as the program. If it's not listed under other programs you can browse for the WinRAR.exe in your program files, (or rename the .savegame extension to .zip and change it back later). Once you open the save file, you should see all of the listed files inside. Simply highlight the First_Fires_Ruins files and press the delete key to delete them.
  8. cRichards's post in Help i can't re-enter in the endless path was marked as the answer   
    Thank you very much. This issue has been formally submitted to the team.
    And after loading up your save game, it looks like there is still a way you can access the Stronghold Dungeon and the deeper levels of Od Nua.
    If you exit the Stronghold Great Hall to the Stronghold Exterior, then walk near the Chapel, there should be a cellar door on the right side of the Chapel. If you click on that, Accept your party, then scroll the map to the top, you should be able to transition to the first level of Od Nua where you had fought Maerwald. From there, you can use the stairs on the right of the area to go further down, or use the stairs in the top-right to go up to the Dungeon. I hope that helps you!
  9. cRichards's post in Barbaric Blow Issue was marked as the answer   
    When an ability that uses a Full Attack is used with a character using two weapons, the character attacks with both weapons, one immediately after the other. Does that help explain it?
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