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Barbaric Blow Issue



I noticed the following issue with Barbaric Blow:


Even though it's supposed to be a Full Attack, from the combat log it appears that my character is only making an attack with his main weapon (see screenshots below). Reading the tooltip for Full Attack, I thought it was supposed to be a simultaneous strike with both weapons, dealing double damage, or at least more damage than an attack with one hand. In my example below, the following strike, which was a standard one handed attack, actually dealt a bit more damage than the Barbaric Blow itself!


Barbaric Blow screenshot: http://imgur.com/4M3uwYp


Next attack screenshot: http://imgur.com/4M3uwYp


Is this a bug, or did I not understand the meaning of Full Attack correctly?


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Ah, so a Full Attack with two weapons appears as two separate attacks in the combat log, with their own crit/hit/miss resolutions, and separate Carnage attacks? And the effects of Barbaric Blow (+crit and increased area) apply to both attacks?


I get it now, thanks a lot for the speedy reply!

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