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BIG PROBLEM IN OD NUA LEVEL 13: Now i m level 12 and i returned to the level 13 Od Nua dungeon but...



Now i m level 12  (the cap level) and i returned to the level 13 in Od Nua dungeon but...but even if i understand the 2 spirits  in the 2 different chambers  (when i was level 6 i didn't understand their language) i cannot open the central door...i ve tried with all the answers but nothing happens!  A bug? Someone can help me? :banghead:


Thanks in advance

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Not a bug. Unfortunately, lots of players seems to be seeing everything as a bug instead of doing further research.


There are, if remember well, 4 spirits (or at least 3). You need to talk to all of them, try to open the door and then talk again to the one that is in the northeast. You'll have the option to ask him for the door password.

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Only two spirits are needed to open the door.


1. Talking to the door makes it clear it requires a password.


2. Talking to the spirit in the northeast chamber reveals that the door opens to those who swear an oath of loalty to Od Nua. However, if you swear the oath to the door, it will call you a "traitor" and refuse to open.


3. The spirit in the broken machine room tells you they could not dispel the lock on the door, but they did manage to alter the oath. The door will only let rebels pass.


These three clues make it clear that the password to the door is an oath against Od Nua.

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