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Permanent Fear Debuff



Was just trying Cail the Silent and got all the way to badly injured for him and suddenly all my characters had a frightened debuff. I managed to last for another minute and a half, but it was impossible to hit him because of it, and it appeared to be permanent. I've never had that happen before, and I'd think if it were MEANT to last the rest of the fight it would be nigh-impossible to beat Cail. I am incredibly frustrated, having spent 20 minutes fighting him, making sure every character was doing the right thing at the right time, and... Bam. Screwed. Never seen this before.

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Cail the Silent has a Fear Aura that will repeatedly try to hit you with a 3 second duration of the frightened affliction (graze for 1.5, crit for 4.5) as long as you are within the aura range. Any Young Drakes in the fight also have slightly weaker fear auras. Drakes are very scary.


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First of all, you can use the level 2 Priest spell Suppress Affliction to negate any and all debuffs, Fear included. That should get you through the fight just fine and there are rings with a spellbind for the same effect that you can use if you don't feel like bringing a priest for some bizarre reason.


The effect could come from one of the Xaurip Shamans casting Divine Terror, and Dragons also have an aura that passively inflicts that status on you (vs Will) if you're close enough. I forget if Cail has one of those too, but if he does that's your likely culprit.


Either way, definitely mouse over the tooltip; if it's an aura then you could well be dealing with a status being constantly repeatedly applied to you rather than simply permanently hanging on. As long as it has a duration listed and it degrades appropriately, it's definitely WAD. If the effect has no duration at all, has a broken tooltip, or persists after combat ends then you probably have a bug.

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