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Everyone has a useful, but annoying, Unarmed weapon set?



People (like me) who like to click on the currently used weapon set need to make double sure to click past the "extra" unarmed icon that seems to be a new feature.  Except for Monks, why on earth would anyone want to be unarmed?  Adding the extra click to the cycle of what weapons my party is using feels like a silly thing to add - can it be made a toggle-able option, perhaps?


Also, I'm getting a strange "locked" icon on my third weapon set with my Barbarain (he's the race with +1 weapon sets).  The weapon set seems to work, but I have a strange, translucent lock over the weapon listed there.  Minor, but I felt it was worth mentioning.


EDIT - Argh, I mean "Useless" in the title.  Should probably read, "useless AND annoying"

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That is super annoying m( There should only be a third-slot or X-slot if one gets it by racial ability or skill.

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If anyone did want to be unarmed, Monk or not, then they should have to have one of their weapon sets empty.  Also, it effectively amounts to giving Monks an extra weapon set for free.

ill take that free extra weapons set thank you very much :) no problem here move along everyone

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It seems like a function was put in place to allow monks to switch to their bare-handed weapon set using fast-click, but ended up giving everybody an additional un-armed weapon set. It doesn't really seem like a major issue, since technically you could put away both weapons and go unarmed. For balance purposes, it will probably need to be fixed.


I like the bonus for monks though. :)

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