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Dear devs,


it's assumed that the upcoming patch will be released via proper channels, i.e. will come as an auto update for Steam users and a downloadable content for GOG users. It's ok for Steam users, however those of us who made the mistake of picking the GOG version, will most likely get the patch with a significant delay. 


It wouldn't be such a big deal in normal circumstances  but at this specific time many of us were able to get precious little time for gaming thanks to Easter and as it is in my personal case, there's a good chance the patch will become available when the player will not be available anymore ;)


If we are facing delays on GOG, would it be possible to get the patch in any other way, like with a P2P network? Torrent is love, torrent is life.

And if my/our worries are baseless, keep up the good work :)

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Rabbit season, duck season.


To each his own.


I do think Gog could use a different patch management system. I use both Gog and Steam, and others. Having to re-download all of the content (most of time) is a pain.

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Hey, everyone. The 1.03 patch is live on Steam. To make sure your game updates you will probably want to completely quit out of the Steam client and jump back in.


GOG and Origin will be going through their own QA process before putting the patch live on their end. I expect it will take them a couple of days to run through that process on their side.


Please check out this blog for the patch notes.


A backer update will be posted later today (if nothing major is found with the patch once it goes live).



Source: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75170-patch-103-is-live-on-steam/




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I'd rather devs all go back to the way it used to be for patch distribution:

you downloaded a patch straight from the developer.

this distributing hotfixes and patches through retail outlets is just inane.  Think about it.... did you ever get patches for you older games through the store you bought the game at?

no, you downloaded them from the developer.


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GOG is not a mistake.

Steam is the mistake.

Yes, I know, it's the thing cool kids use these days. The truth is that's simply the cheaper and generally worse option. There's not a single real, tangible thing that could be listed as a real benefit of GOG copy over Steam copy. I leave DRM ideology to SJWs. Bah, even with ideology included, GOG is a company from a tax heaven and Valve pays due taxes.

Anyhow, it's not the point here. 


It looks like the patch is a failure. People keep reporting the same bugs. I got screwed over on social funding enough to know that if a project's authors cannot provide the proper product right away, they will never do so. That's why I didn't join the backers. Should have waited for people to mass-test it, not only for initial reviews made after 2-3 hours of gaming.


Devs/mods didn't think it appropriate to take part in this thread so the only option left is to wait. We'll see if the patch works and if it doesn't, refund. Cyprus may be a tax heaven, but it's still a part of the EU and there are enough institutions that like nothing better than going medieval on the asses of companies founded there. 




The forum is almost nonoperational. It took me 10 minutes to post this.


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