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Are there any guidelines on giving lore-friendly names to my character or generated companions? It's pretty hard to think of names for non-standard races like Aumaua or Orlans, so some kind of list of names would be of much help.


Or maybe Obsidian could introduce a name generator like they had in Neverwinter Nights in one of the future updates.

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For Aumaua, Pacific islands including Maori names are a good start - take some actual islands as inspiration, or borrow names of people directly.

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The Wiki has some name suggestions



The one downside of this is that you may well end up finding yourself getting a quest involving someone with the same name.


My character is named Aufra :(



So? I work with a guy that has a same name like me :p

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Maybe it's because I'm not terribly imaginative when it comes to names, but I like to look at the actual name of the race to come up with lore-friendly names.


For example:


The Aumaua--I get kind of a Hawaiian/Japanese vibe from the name, so I think lots of dipthongs and phonetic spellings. Which produces names like, "Kua Nin," "Sarua," "Raua'Tain," etc., etc.


Then for the Orlans I fixate on the "Or" or the "Ln" sounds, and think of "foresty" words like squirrel or acorn.  Which produces names like "Orsinne," "Oruebb," "Erstoln," "Maerln," etc., etc.


Culture can also inform name choices. I look to the real-life analogs for inspiration. IE Old Vailia = Spain, Aedryr = Britain, Dyrwood = English Colonies, Glanfathans = Native Americans, etc., etc.

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