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Ranger Wolf Pet


Sorry if it's already pointed out, but i can't find a "search" function in the forum.


The Wolf pet it's the only animal companion who seems to have "placeholders" stats:





11/16/8/10/5/15 - 64 total
Passive: +20% damage when below half endurance




on the other hand we have the


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I was just toying with a wolf companion ranger myself and found this odd.  Some more info would be nice.  The stat distribution and the lack of any abilities listed on the wolf's sheet screams weird.

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And the wiki is wrong about many things.  In-game the wolf as listed as doing high damage and having an ability to better avoid disengagement damage.  There's just no way to verify either during play and as mentioned his stats seem wrong.

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Hey everyone, thanks for the input. The wolf went through some recent changes and is being looked into. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate all of the feedback.


Will the 'Already activated' encounter skill bug be dealt with as well? I haven't had the Knockdown ability on my Ranger since the 7th level. 

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The wolf has  +12 deflection bonus for breaking engagements and higher base damage than the other pets (it seems a 1.15X modifier like vicious companion).   Both of these bonuses have no visible buff associated with them, though the deflection bonus shows in combat logs.  


All pets have the same high base move speed (+3 I think).  The wiki may be confusing the pet wolf with the druid spiritshift wolf, which has a +1 move speed bonus.


Pets other than the wolf have funny stats too, not all add up to the 65 total points it looks like they were intended to have.

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