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Forced to learn every class?

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Seems to me that since there is no reliable companion AI, then you are forced to learn the nuances of every single class.

Whilst some may revel in this, others, including myself, find it overwhelming and ultimately taxing to the point that combat becomes a chore.

Anyone feel the same or am I missing something?


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Reduce the difficulty or hire adventurers.


I enjoy micromanaging my party a lot and this game is bonkers for this, even if combat feels redundant.

Derpdragon of the Obsidian Order

Derpdragons everywhere. I like spears.


No sleep for the Watcher... because he was busy playing Pillars of Eternity instead.

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Learning every class was an integral part of the IE games – so yes, I'd say it fits appropriately here. That said, it would be nice to have scripts (also in the IE games) to provide at least some automation for those who have a hard time with the multitasking.

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nope thats exactly why I play this game, exactly why I played all the Baldurs Gate's (etc) right through to Neverwinter and even things like Dragon Age (the original of course), its that complexity and micromanagement that makes those games far more memorable than many others of their kind. Its why things like Dragon Age 2 fail to match a lot of PC gamers interests. It choose to strip away the very things that made us want to play.

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It is better to learn. Keep your group small so that you won't get overwhelmed as you learn.

Part of the joy of playing your team members is to see the synergy and teamwork in action.


For example: My cipher spamming eyestrike on an enemy which allows the rogue to stab gleefully (and endlessly) at the blinded enemy with his sneak attack  :biggrin:

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