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Always running back to the inn... (Suggestion)

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I have used the free room at the inn every single time I have needed to rest. I absolutely refuse to spend money on camping supplies, when I have no idea what the game will hold for me in the future regarding expenses.


Havent used any enchants, havent bought any materials/potions/w/e. Because after all, how do I know this game isnt like DA:O where you pretty much have a limited supply of coin and could only afford the good items at the end.


I dont know of course, but thats how I always have played.


The whole way they went around this rest mechanic is just tedious. Yes I understand what they were trying to do, to add more realism, bu frankly this is an example oh where I would put Gameplay>realism.


I liked the Baldrs gate rest system. Yeah I would save/reload if I got ambushed, thereby making ambush worthless, but I want to enjoy the damn dungeon Im playing. And after every 2 battles having to run back to either rest, or then buy some supplies, to last a couple more battles, to then keep running back to get more since there is a limit.


Its annoying imo. Wouldnt be surprised if 1/4 of peoples play time involved just resting at inn/getting camping supplies


You'll have way, way, way too much money.


(But then, you did in DA:O too.)


"Wouldnt be surprised if 1/4 of peoples play time involved just resting at inn/getting camping supplies"


Only if you insist on wasting 1/4 of your time running back and forth when you don't need to, yes. I have almost zero trips wasted, since there's usually a quest reward to pick up or some shopping to do by the time I've used my two supplies.

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I would suggest that camping supplies just be made free and automatically refill whenever at town. I've only played on hard where you only get 2 supplies at a time, so I don't know how well this would work on other difficulties.


I'd prefer the opposite: Remove camping supplies from all shops along with the free rests in Inns.


But, hopefully there will be both kinds of mods.

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On 3/29/2015 at 7:27 PM, Alweth said:

I've really been enjoying Pillars of Eternity.

But one thing that's a little strange is the various ways the game insensitivizes you to run back to the inn/stronghold to rest. As far as I can tell, there's no downside, and it allows upgrades at the stronghold to be built. In addition, camping supplies cost a suprisingly high amount at the beginning, further insentivizing you to run back to town for the free rest instead of wasting 80 copper. Insentivizing players to waste real-life time to avoid in-game expenditures doesn't really make sense.

I would suggest that camping supplies just be made free and automatically refill whenever at town. I've only played on hard where you only get 2 supplies at a time, so I don't know how well this would work on other difficulties.

Something of a necro post here, but I am on my first playthrough at the moment. Personally I find the whole need for camping supplies ridiculous. Frodo walked half way across middle earth  without worrying about "camping supplies". How is living off the land an issue in a fantasy game where essentially the lifestyle/technology is equivalent to Medieval times and the wilderness is teeming with game. What "camping supplies are they running out of, Coleman camp fuel or propane 😜? One of the benefits of playing a game so long after release was being able to download a mod that eliminates the need for "camping supplies". I much prefer the classic D&D / Baldur's Gate model. Camp anywhere you want, but risk getting jumped by baddies.

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I'm not a fan of arguing with realism™ when it comes to game mechanics in the first place, but whatever:

Have you ever traveled over land from A to B over the several days by foot in a region that is on the infrastructural level of a late medieval country?
I did so several times: in rural Uzbekisten, Kirgistan, Kazachstan, Romania, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and more.
Although I am able to fish (ok), hunt (meh - not worth bringing a big hunting weapon imo) and gather (ok) I always needed a good amount of consumable "camping supplies".
This mostly included dried food, water, oil, kindling, ethanol, soap and firewood (or something else to burn) and stuff like that.
It's not trivial to just go and hunt your supper, even if you are an experienced hunter. It's also not trivial to find edible plants etc. There is no guarantee you will find fruit or vegetables like wild onion and carrot or animals, let alone being able to stalk and kill them with a bow. It takes a long time to fish and hunt - are you willing to sacrifice all that time when traveling? Traps take way too long to be viable when just passing through, too. It's especially difficult with timid animals because you will not be silent enough while trampling around with a big backpack with pots and stuff and tools attached: most animals will be gone once you arrive.
Often there's not enough firewood to gather. Wood has to be dry to be able to light a fire without fire accellerants, you can't just chop off some fresh branches and light them, it doesn't work. Depending on the season, the weather and the region it can be surprisingly difficult to gather firewood, dried dung or something like that.
Sometimes you find good stuff, sometimes you don't. So what you need to bring depends on season/weather/region your travalling through.
For example in Kirgistan you dodn't need to bring firewood - dry wood was everywhere. But it was very cold at night so I burned through all the wood quickly. In Costa Rica it was no problem to fish and gather stuff, but it was raiing season and finding good firewood was surprisingly difficult - but on the other hand I only needed it for cooking because it was very warm all the time.
Imo it's ok if a game just simplifies that and assumes you always have to bring something when you travel - and calls it "camping supplies".

After all it's just a game mechanic that wants to prevent rest-spamming. Whether you do that with supplies or random encounters doesn't really matter - I mean mechanically. Your goal is to prevent rest spamming and both solutions will work somewhat I guess.
You just have to anticipate what players like better. Then you can rationalize your solution afterwards like I did above.
I believe most players prefer camping supplies over random encounters.

Maybe it can be done without either. Deadfire for example has no resting limitations at all (besides needing food in order to remove injuries but food is plenty). But the more easy it is to rest the more "gamey" it feels imo. You will recede from the roots of CRPGS (TTRPGs) if you allow spam-resting. That may not be a problem per se - just saying.       

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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