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Pallegina negative defenses



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I can also confirm, picked up Pally last night and was confused as to why equipping her with DR14 Fine Plate (which worked correctly on Eder) only gave DR12. Unequipped and notice the negatives.


Definitely a bug as I've seem no mention anywhere in or out of the game as to why someone would have a negative DR modifier like this (or it's a "feature" of the avian godlike in which case kill it fire).

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This occurs in version 1.03


Immediately after you recruit Eder, his piercing deflection is negative:




Even the calculation after the armor is added is not correct since for piercing deflection istead of having -2 + 8 = 6, we have just 5 piercing deflection.




If I remove the armor and save & load the issue is resolved.

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