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My productivity at work is officially zero

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Work is tricky for me right now. I'm on a massive project with a major deliverable due soon, so I likely won't get to play until later this evening (Pacific timezone). I assume my productivity would be much lower if that were an option right now.


I might be able to work some magic today, and head home earlier than normal. Fingers crossed.

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I was so excited for this game that I could not sleep, kept my girlfriend up. Got to bed a little after 3 am (And that's with two sleeping


pills),  I then got up around 9 am. I'm so thankful that I do not work till Monday, it just gives me more time to play this game.

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I'm regretting not taking a day off for tomorrow. I honestly wasn't feeling that hyped up about the game until I realized it's seriously coming out a few days ago. For the past 3 or 4 days my hypes been off the charts in ways I haven't felt in over a decade.


Ugh, maybe I'll "get sick" overnight.

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Having seen disaster strike for some people that request off work the day a game they are super hype for is releasing and then having it all blow up in their face because things don't work right is something I have seen time and time again. However, that mostly happens with online only games so I figured, hope and am absolutely praying it doesn't happen here. I have today, tomorrow, Sunday and Tuesday off the next 6 days. Ill be devastated if things blow up in my/our face and there are Day one issues for some reason preventing us from starting but couldn't really be upset with anyone other than myself for seeing it happen to other games and people and knowing sometimes day 1 issues rear their ugly head and destroy people's day 1 request off of work. *knocking my hand bloody on wood.... And then knocking some more*

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I would bet that the devs  were more stressed/excited than any of us...


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The only reason I'm at work today is to take advantage of the ultra fast internet to download the game.

Unfortunately I think I just caught a nasty cold and I may have to call sick tomorrow.. ** COUGH **

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