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Pronunciation Guide?

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I poked around the PoE wiki and came up blank looking for a pronunciation guide for some of the names in this game (it's entirely possible, perhaps likely, I just suck at looking for things).


Does one exist?   :p  I'd just like to know if how I think something is pronounced....actually is pronounced that way (nothing specific at the moment I'd want to know, but I do know there are some that I will not be sure about).  Thanks in advance for any who can point me to one. :)

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A lot have trouble pronouncing Aumaua: ah-mao-uh

Even knowing how to pronounce it, I think I'll still call them by "awoogah!" or something just as ridiculous.

The Adventures of Abattoir, my Pillars of Eternity Let's Play! Following Abattoir, an Aumaua-sized Death Godlike Cipher who wishes to prove to the world that Death Godlikes can be trustworthy and helpful, while getting caught in some terrible circumstances.

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I would love a guide, too. The Guidebook Volume I is very helpful in this regard, so maybe that's the best place for now. I used to think I had a preternatural pronunciation sense for the written word, but Pillars of Eternity is a challenge. A good challenge. 

All Stop. On Screen.

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