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Any streamer up already?

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No, the embargo ends 06:00 PDT. 13:00 UTC.

"You're a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt."



Baldur's Gate portraits for Pillars of Eternity   IXI   Icewind Dale portraits for Pillars of Eternity   IXI   Icewind Dale 2 portraits for Pillars of Eternity


[slap Aloth]

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I thought we already saw full character creation during the BB?


or was it missing features?


Also there is an overview here:


Pillars of Eternity: Character Creation

i want to know bout nature godlike, and this site doesnt give me anything thats why iam waiting.

Twitch.tv/MorbusOfKookyB  - Will stream PotD,ToI,Expert.

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Not yet, you live in the future imperfect tense. It's still present perfect here. 


Wait, isn't the future tense, but its very nature, imperfect? I suppose then it would be redundant. His phrasing had more if a future perfect vibe to me.


I want to experience PoE in more of an Aorist sense, a timeless moment that holds true for all cases.  

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Wellspring of Life (Nature Godlike) – The souls of nature godlike respond powerfully to distress and the impending collapse of their physical body. While a nature godlike is below 50% Endurance, they gain a bonus to Might, Constitution, and Dexterity.


Source: the wiki that way already linked http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Godlike

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