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Link to game on Paradox announcement goes to 404 not found

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Not sure where else to put this.


If you click on the link to the game here: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/news/Pillars-of-Eternity-Has-Gone-Gold/


It takes you to a 404 Not Found page. The link seems to be trying to take you to a Paradox page that does not exist instead of to Obsidian's site.


That is a bad first impression for anybody finding the game through that announcement.

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<a href="eternity.obsidian.net">eternity.obsidian.net</a>

Looks like Paradox missed a "http://" in the HTML, if I understand it correctly.

EDIT: Comparing with the buy link:
<a href="(http://)buy.pillarsofeternity.com">(http://)buy.pillarsofeternity.com</a>

No difference except the "http://". Parenthesis & bold for clarification (and without, it became an unclear/difficult to read link in this post).

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