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Unreal Engine 4 is now free


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Yeah I been playing with it, trying to rebuild my house. A few clicks and I can test in oculus vr mode to make sure the scale feels right. It's an awesome engine and the lighting makes everything look "real". Still have tons to learn though

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I should have sold my 1 year UE4 subscription I won from the Moddb MOTY awards sooner :(


*sound of money flying away*

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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Sooo... Flagship game for source engine 2. I don't see what else it could be. 

Probably the last Source Engine we'll ever see unless Valve restores the #3 keys to their keyboards.

I'd say the answer to that question is kind of like the answer to "who's the sucker in this poker game?"*


*If you can't tell, it's you. ;)


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