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I was just curious if there is any advantage to using a single handed weapon, no shield? If not, I understand, I will just make my character as such.


Now I know that it is not a very popular concept but indulge me for a moment if you would.


One of favorite concepts for an rpg char is the swordsman. A hero so skilled with his blade that he can go toe to toe with the flurry of a duel wielding berzerker, the brute force of greataxe swinging warrior, or the seemingly impenetrable defense of a sword and board tank. Why not be able to make that quintessential hero from books that only had to rely on his skill with a blade? Few examples off the top of my head: Tanis, Strider, Robin Hood, Tyrael, Madmartigan.


Few games have implemented this, usually forcing dexterous characters down the dual wield road. The few I can think of is: Baldur's Gate 2, FF tactics, and the Dark Souls games.


There are a few ways to implement a minor bonus. First and foremost, BG2 with a type of armor/deflect bonus. Perhaps an activated bonus, though balancing could be an issue. Lastly, like final fantasy tactics, a slight bonus to damage from using two hands on your one handed weapon.


I know many people will say just use a shield or two weapons but looking for something else Again, if no type of bonus, no big deal. I will make my swordsman anyways. Thank you for bearing with my poor grammar and sentence/paragraph structure.

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As has been stated, already in the game, and in one of the vids (I forget which, it's a small playthrough with someone) Sawyer mentions that Single-Weapon Wielding is a popular choice and you get an Accuracy bonus. I'm not sure if Matt516's post is still relevant (since it was made in September), but yeah, there's definitely an Accuracy bonus for Single-Weapon Wielding.

Which I think is really, really cool. Way too many games these days focuses on dual-wielding and dance moves as part of combat, and whilst I'll probably always end up with sword-and-board-esque characters, it's nice to know that when I do make that Rogue, Chanter or Cipher Nobleman, he will be able to go into combat as a Duelist.


...I wonder if there's any good rapiers...


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There are talents for single-weapon style as well, right?


Although I really like the idea of having the option to go single-weapon (which actually should be more common than DW), to me the main problem is the unused hand slot. Items are a really important part of these games, and I want to be able to use as many as possible, so in practice I cant imagine myself forgoing a slot that could hold that nice shield I just found, or a really cool magical long sword... which is why I will never ever use a monk in the first place and cant understand their lasting appeal :p

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This brings to mind an idea I had whilst playing Baldur's Gate a long time ago... 1-Handed weapons held in 2 hands (A Katana for instance, instead of holding it in 1-Hand, holding it in 2 hands with Two-Handed Mastery). Same thing with Bastard Sword, me thinks, or another sword... I recall there being a weapon in Baldur's Gate which had the description "Can be held in one or two hands" but statistically/mechanically it is only a one-handed.

I.E. the idea was to be able to cycle "Two-Handed" and "One-Handed".


Are Nodachi type swords in Pillars of Eternity?

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One-handed weapons seem to be underpowered at the moment. I am using a rapier, and do very little damage compared to BB Fighter with his two-handed morning star. He also has crazy stats though...


Ideally, I'd like to see two different characters with two radically different statsets, trying out two-handed weapons, dual-wielding, and dueling, and then a general judgement of their offensive and defensive capabilities.


Because like you say, dueling (that is, one one-handed weapon) seems underpowered, but the fighter you mention also has crazy stats. But at the same time, the optimal stats should be slightly different from each, depending on build.


It's possibly a hairy thing to try.


I can't help but to think that a duelist should be getting some defensive bonuses in addition to the increase in Accuracy, due to his increased mobility and "ponderous" combat style, but nothing comparable to, say, sword-and-board fighter. Unless you specialize for it, at least.


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Seems to me that if more realistic approach is taken such style of fighting should naturally not only have greater accuracy, but also bigger chance to crit since that style doesnt rely on brute force but speed and precision, and the weapon is used for defense too so such style should improve parrying.


I dont think its anything complicated. Could be easily solved through talents. Either general ones or only such sub-class specific.

Would play very well with the PoE Rogues improved version. But ciphers and several other classes would also find it fitting and interesting.

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I'm still waiting on dual-casting in an RPG. And not that Skyrim or Fable carp, either. original.gif


I think that's a way better use of your other hand than some silly lump of metal, u_u... *dusts off Wizard robes*

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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