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  1. Illithad, touche. My "attack" on optimization was poorly elaborated. I should have kept it to min-maxing. In a sense we all try to optimize by making our chars the best that they can be. You proved me wrong.
  2. I was just curious if there is any advantage to using a single handed weapon, no shield? If not, I understand, I will just make my character as such. Now I know that it is not a very popular concept but indulge me for a moment if you would. One of favorite concepts for an rpg char is the swordsman. A hero so skilled with his blade that he can go toe to toe with the flurry of a duel wielding berzerker, the brute force of greataxe swinging warrior, or the seemingly impenetrable defense of a sword and board tank. Why not be able to make that quintessential hero from books that only had to
  3. The best way I can think of to defend RtWP is to equate it to sports RT: Soccer or Hockey Turn based: Baseball RtWP: Football As far your optimizing issue, in my opinion, it ruins the game. I happen to think that min-maxing has no place in RPGs. It takes the roleplay out of it. Part of the excitement, for me, is to take a least optimal race/class combo and try my damnest to succeed if not thrive. Now, to each their own. If you try and optimize everything, go for broke but I think you implied that large numbers of gamers embrace this approach. That maybe true, but not in this genre from w
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