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  1. Anyway im not sure what good this conversation is for me, The idea was to ask if there is a plan, it seems there isn´t. So im arguing that there should be a plan to solve this problem? yes but with who? lets say that i convince everyone here, so what? Unless im talking with some designer about the issue or im given an answer of what the plan is or designer explanation of why there is no plan to solve this issue, I think this conversation is fruitless. So for now im done.
  2. My optimal play is not made up. It´s the same used on games that are analyzed at top level like Chess and poker. I could link you to articles done by pro players in poker to see for yourself. People are never like ¨Well you should Limp J3s because you know, otherwise you are there waiting boring for 2 hours before playing a hand, and who is willing ot do that? pff, limp that J3s, is optimal¨ No, it doesn´t work that way, human will to get bored, human free time in real life , human willing to spend money are not factors accounted when analyzing what is the optmal play. The fact that you want t
  3. If the games are harder how is that gonna help, before i paused non stop now im gonna pause less? you are just wasting my time.
  4. I agree those are all questions a designer should be asking themselves.
  5. I already have it. I already played BG1 and IWD2
  6. Yes you are intentionally arguing about how optimal certain actions are to human goals. Which is irrelevant.
  7. You keep bringing things that have nothing to do with optimal play, again i dont want to respond to strawmans.
  8. Really you did not answer my question. You pointed to a blank space. It depends, if the options are DESIGNED by the designer then he is the designer, these have to be extremely discrete options though, and generally the designer needs to specify the effect on the game and know why he is adding that option. Otherwise yes, it gives the player the job to be a designer. Based on the rest of this paragraph it seems you are missing all my explanation on what´s a game and what isn´t and the definitions we are working on here, I won´t repeat myself. You also proceed to do strawmans like tal
  9. I don´t get what i get from playing BG2 with those mods.
  10. Where did you present me with a road trip example and i answered that? I just answered to this argument several times. The goal of the game is defined by the game, not the player. The moment the you define the goal then you become the game designer. If the goal of the game doesn´t involve time in anyway, and ingame time is not a resource, you can just add time as a value just because in your life it´s convenient. IF YOU DO that, then you have become the game designer, and the software a toy. We are no longer talking about the same game, or even a game anymore. If you take 1 hour 1
  11. It doesn´t matter of the player is willing or not. When you analyze optimal play, WILL of the player is not something you account for, is irrelevant. I already explained in two posts the absurdity of using real life time resource as ingame resource.
  12. a) There may be times where is nothing is happening, sure, there is also lots of times where something happens every fractions of a second for several seconds. b) Knowing all that would not reduce the need to pause, I don´t know how you get to that. Driving is not a game, so you can analyze optimal play in driving, it makes no sense. In the instances where driving is a skill tested in a game (like in a real race) going as slow as possible will make you lose vs other racers. You can´t define optimal way to drive, since optimal needs to reference a goal. GENERALLY people drive to sav
  13. Iuoco. I have nothing important to say to your post, im not ignoring it. No, pulling a character back from the acher will not get them killed faster, is pretty easy to get them out of the acher range and make them focus another target, Ive done it all the time in IWD2. Btw the results are not win vs loss, is % of sucess, our EV of winning. so yeah if you got with a move 95% of winning and with another 95% of winning, they are for all purposes of analyzing how optimal the result are, the same result. Is hard to believe though that in a game so complex as these, is even possible to get
  14. Stop bringing what people want or not want to do, is irrelevant. We are talking about is optimal play on the definition already discussed, for that what people ¨want, have fun with etc¨ is 100% irrelevant. You claim that a player doesn´t kite will be more successfull than one that kites? even if that is true , and your tactic work, then you are implying the game is absolute shallow, if having more information on the game state, do not increase your chances of making better players, is because your play is already capped at 100% chance of sucess, if you can do that, the game is really sha
  15. So you are telling me ok, i have 20 years to finish the game, ok whatever, it´s still optimal to pause the exact same number of time, stop bringing that argument. Yes, you need to do that, to play your best. Yes I need to do that, because that´s the best play, regardless. Yes, most humans need to do that if they want to maximize their chance of success.
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