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  1. Can anyone comment generally on this without giving away too much about the game besides gameplay? I'm looking to create one of our classic PnP D&D 2 parties with only a human Paladin tank. We also had: elf Bladesinger, elf Arcane Trickster, Dwarf fighter/cleric, elf bard. Any comments? I guess in a pinch the fighter/cleric could tank - but I think in PoE he translates to Cleric for the party.
  2. I totally support single weapon swordplay. Great suggestion / topic OP.
  3. Uh, even then I wouldnt believe that unless I was there and saw it.
  4. I'll take DRM-free over cloud saving any day. This. So much this.
  5. Wow. Touchy subject. I will say that I support a Bladesinger style fighter/wizard a-la D&D 2nd Ed. In fact, given the opportunity, I plan to play one in Project Eternity. I think a wizard in armor is silly but that is just my personal opinion.
  6. I totally thought you were talking about in game character journal entrys or capability that the player could fill out or not based on progress and or as a method to figure out what to do next with your character(s). I remember the screen for character damage & favourite spell etc. I'm a bit ambivalent on this, I'm not sure the game needs to tell the player what your character's favourite spell is.
  7. Minsc was hilarious though, and is an iconic character. Ill agree with those that have stated that Obsidion will and should be doing whole new characters for this game and Im not sure any tribute to any character is warrented. This is a whole new world, new IP... let it stay that way.
  8. I think this is an issue that rears its head because of tabletop gaming vs. crpgs trying to be like them yet designers not wanting people to be able to rest everywhere because it is unrealistic and or too easy. in PnP you had a chance of random encounter when you rested, Im fine with having a chance (even in a city - thieves, brigands, ladies of the night, etc.) of a random encounter. I guess the other question is: Will it add to gameplay and realism or immersion? Will the design implimented for restign add to the tactical decision making for the game? If so, then its probably worth ad
  9. Uhh... this poll should be 1 poll not 2. Having said that, Since there is no multi-classing, I will probably start with a monk, then play a mage, and then god knows what after. Chanter sounds interesting, but I know nothing about it.
  10. Im forced to add also that "it takes a very precise build" - Hrm, well what if I don't want to play a character with that build? I think the game has to and will get made for the majority of plauers who will play good but vastly different characters not min/maxers with a very specific class and build.... Also, since they are "attepmting to bring back the magic of Icewind Dale & BG" then it stands to reason that we will be playing a party rather than a solo character. Although, I will say that I sometimes like just playing a solo character vs a group, Im not sure this is that type of
  11. wow. SGU was cancelled? *shock* I guess it goes to show you - I loved SG1 and most of Atlantis..... The old crew was the best ... I kept hoping SGU would get better... but have not been watching it as much. SG1 ... 10 seasons.... SGU ...2? Of course you guys know that they had Stargate Worlds... which died.... but honestly I think it was doomed from the start by other mmos, particularly SW:toR.... because.... I'm sorry to say - shoosing between SW and Stargate PLUS choosing between BioWare and an unknown dev. = choosing SW & BioWare all the way.
  12. OP... I'm glad you liked F:NV. I wonder how you can say that F3 is worse than F:NV? Or that the people at Bethesda are "horrible" people? Why? Bethesda made Fallout as it exists now possible. They also made KOTOR possible, as well as BG. Oh and not to mention NWN (some people still play NWN1) They are pretty much one of the premier RPG developers of our time. So.... please explain your comment. Thanks.
  13. I had the same problem of crashes, I tried reducing the resolution, turning off anti-aliasing etc. to no avail. I also tried warping into the next zone.. nothing. Finally, the thing that worked was equipping a lightsaber.... GO FIGURE. This needs to be fixed. A blemish on an otherwise perfect game... (I know its never going to happen...) BTW I have played through this game 2 other times without encountering this problem. One of the other times was with the exact same computer....
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