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Sensuki appreciation thread

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It is quite a bit of a confidence boost, but as I said earlier in the thread, it's not just me that's putting in the hard yards. There are lots of backers that are providing excellent feedback and reporting a crap tonne of bugs.


One of the things I did do was deliberately name my suggestion threads a certain way so they would be more noticeable, as that way they would be more likely to be implemented. It is a bit self-indulgent and was received poorly on Something Awful, but it appears to be working, Everything from the first four of my suggestion threads have been completely implemented in the first patch.

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 It is a bit self-indulgent and was received poorly on Something Awful, but it appears to be working.

If Something Awful don't like self-indulgence; I will poorly receive them. Self-indulgence is a wonderful thing far as I'm concerned.


BTW: It's not just how you labeled your suggestions. It's how you clearly showed what you meant in a logical way through your videos. It wasn't whiny (Like me sometimes), it was just fantastic.

"Good thing I don't heal my characters or they'd be really hurt." Is not something I should ever be thinking.


I use blue text when I'm being sarcastic.

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Sensuki I love what you are doing Keep it up!  I hope some company hires your services for Q and A some day.  Making a vids talking about the game showing how to make it better as part of the beta is damn good idea!  

That is not what QA does lol. That is what game designers are supposed to do. (well maybe some QA is asked to go extra mile)

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And this why Sens is BB gold and a great member of the Beta forums: 



There's quite a lot of people who have been putting in the hard yards as well. I haven't been reporting as many bugs as other people.
Headbomb, mutonizer, PrimeJunta, IndiraLightfoot, Waywocket, Matt516, Dray Truoc, CatatonicMan, Hormalakh, Ink Blot, Ark Evensong ... many others

Headbomb has like 5 times more bug reports than anyone else. Over the last few days mutonizer and Ink Blot have probably reported the most


I think Sens feedback is so incredibly valuable because he provides very specific feedback about PoE's design or mechanics he feels could be improved. And he backs up his feedback by making a tremendous effort clearly illustrate these problems through his videos, pictures and math formulas.


And most importantly he never just points out a problem, he almost always provides several solutions that Obsidian might consider in addressing the design or mechanics issues he is examining in his various posts.


I also think Sens is very cognizant about what is possible or not possible at this point in the development of PoE and he does not get hung up on issues that at this point, cannot be changed or modified this late in the game.


He points an issue out, discusses it, makes his suggestion and then moves on to the next design or mechanics system that he thinks he can provide useful feedback for. He's a Beta Testing shark and I very much do hope Josh & Co take notice of his very sensible work on behalf of the release quality of PoE. 


Thanks for the great QA testing Sens! Keep going mate! ^_^


Sen's Previous Suggestions:

Inventory Mockup

Dyrford Crossing Area Design

Main HUD Mockup

Backer Beta Version Review v257 bb

Fog of War

Inventory and Item Tooltips

Combat Feedback

Re-wrote CC Class Ability Descriptions

Item Descriptions and Contextual UI Rant

Area Map Functions

Main UI Tooltip Stuff

Selection Circles and Targeting

Disable Vertical Sync *IMPLEMENTED*

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Though not participating in the beta myself I too offer my thanks to Sensuki and all of the ladies and gentlemen whom are participating, it is very much appreciated.

Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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