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Perks/Characters traits

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Just a short thread to ask if perks and traits are going to be of a game and if they'll influence dialogues.


By the way, was there any thought for negative perks for the creation of the character? You know, to give him a little more personality and equilibrate the good perks you may also get from the start.


I believe they could really give meaning to dialogues since these would be ours exclusively. Especially if perks can be cumulated for extra-flavored lines in dialogues.


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IIRC, there will be talents which are analogues of 3.X/PF feats. No word yet on traits, but the character background may take the place, sort of like Arcanum.

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I'd love to see negative and positive traits in the game; negatives can be fun for full party creation.


Character backgrounds like Arcanum would be awesome. Those kinds of trade-offs can add a lot of diversity to builds or just add flavor.

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Every trait that effects dialogue may represent a large addition to the game development cost because all of those conversation trees need to be written. It's likely much cheaper to implement elements like skill modifiers.

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I think Josh remarked on the topic of "negative traits" in another thread in which we were talking heavily about it. I'm gonna go try to hunt it down now, but I seem to recall him saying that they definitely weren't doing isolated negatives/flaws that you can pick from, but that he wasn't against flaws attached to benefits (a la Fallout, sort of).


So, I dunno how prevalent they'll be, but I'd bet we'll see some "this'll make you slower, but you'll also attack harder" type stuff (just to use a simple-yet-not-necessarily-awesome example).




Found it!:


I like virtue/flaw systems, especially in classless systems.  I could see them working in PoE, but they would be out of scope for this game.  Sorry.

So, yeah... he likes that sort of thing, but apparently independent strengths and flaws don't really fit the rest of PoE's design. So, hopefully we'll still see the detriments attached to benefits in certain perks/traits.

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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I wonder if it really would cost that much since I believe it would just branch out a little before going back to the main tree.

I hope not at least. It would give that feeling your run is unique.


Possibly, if the only thing it impacted were emergent game play elements like your reputation scores. Branches to the plot line would likely be much more expensive.

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I wouldn't mind DLC composed of only backgrounds / traits influenced dialogue trees, if that's too much to pull off on release.

Sounds crazy right? Don't think anyone has ever tried that before.


I know. It won't happen.

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