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Sheathed weapons  

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  1. 1. Should characters sheathe their weapons when not using them?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Doesn't matter either way

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It doesn't matter all that much to me. I'd rather that they spend their zots on more attack and defense animations for things like disarming and tripping opponents, hooking a shield with a weapon, or doing a "bull rush" and knocking someone over, though.



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I'm not aware of there being lance or pike sheathes. Additionally, if you're carrying a lance or a pike it's not exactly concealable in any way. This isn't Darklands 2, so there's no need to go overboard with cosmetic realism.


If you must, just get a squire to carry your gear for you. But given the propensity for lethal fights to break out in towns in RPGs, it doesn't sound like a great idea to take off all your combat gear, hand it to your squire to pack it on an ass or mule, then desperately scramble to reverse the process when one of the fabled enemy Adventurer teams comes to town looking for trouble. For trouble with you, specifically.

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Yes, please add sheathes when out of combat and carry weapons in scabbards. Since the character models are 3D, I dont think its a huge thing to implement, but it really adds to the atmosphere and realism. But please do NOT do it like some people suggest and simply not show weapons when outside of combat. That was how it was in Arcanum and it was seriously ugly, to see a guy in full plate mail but without any weapon.

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in FO, for example, this was most certainly NOT a mere cosmetic choice. Though I would find it tedious if we had to sheath our weapons manually, I think, in general, I don't much care if the game were to auto-sheath weapons every time combat ends.

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Yes I would like this implemented. Always thought it was absurd that your band of "heroes" ran around quaint little towns, brandishing their massive swords and axes no doubt covered in blood and gore. Although it wasn't an IE game, I thought it was especially bad in KotOR2, where your character is supposed to be hiding the fact that they are Jedi, yet there are no repercussions for running around with a lightsaber... (except for I think one encounter, and I think that was cut out). Actually it would be neat if they could incorporate the sheathing mechanic into some conversations...though that would require it to be manual which would get tiring.

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