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Wizards. Why do the wear dressing gowns and dunce caps?

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I think part of the reason mages are in robes is due to balance. If a Mage is in plate mail why would you ever bother being a fighter? That just sounds too over powered.

I also believe that's the main reason for it in many games/rpg systems. Give a class certain powerful, AoE/other spells, and you need to balance them out with some weakness. Lack of consistent armor/protection is one of the easiest ways to do that.


That said, I personally don't care whether mages can wear giant plate armor with huge AC bonuses. That's going in towards the Fighter/Mage territory vs. just a mage, imo, which is sort of another debate. I just want to get away from the stereotyped wizard look. There are other types of clothing besides robes and tall hats.

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