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LOL the OP was trolling, right?

I don't see why you'd think it was trolling. And if it was, it was a dismal failure.

I consider this thread a great sarcasm targeted towards LGBT inclusion requests. Brilliant!

How come? Lefties are far more discriminated against than sexual deviants. And for no good reason.


I can't even remember the last game that allowed you to pick handedness.


Clearly, we need more obnoxious leftie interests groups trying to push agendas.

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If they plan to do dual wielding in the game then I would like see that you can carry weapon only in your left hand. As left handed myself, I think it could be cool feature, but not necessary one. Since most of the time I use things like right handed because of their poor design for left handed use.

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The sprites in Icewind Dale switched weapon hand depending on what direction you were facing (someone lazy mirrored the "running to the right" animation to get "running to the left" with inverted hands), so this has already been done by mistake =P

Multiple personality schizophrenic disorder + ambidexterity? :D


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It's an interesting concept but probably not a high priority.


Interesting fact: in years gone by people frequently tried to "train" the left-handedness out of people, believing the trait to be unlucky or a mark of evil (i.e. the sinister hand)


Here's an interesting snippet from Wikipedia on the advantages in left-handedness in combat:


Left-handedness and close combat

An evolutionary psychology explanation for the majority right-handedness / minority left-handedness pattern starts by suggesting that overall in the ancestral environment there would have been more disadvantages than advantages from left-handedness regarding overallinclusive fitness. This would explain why right-handedness is more common. That a significant minority still is left-handed may be due to negative frequency-dependent selection in which an advantageous trait becomes less advantageous the more common the trait is. It has been suggested that this may be due to left-handed people having an advantage in close combat as long as they rarely encounter other left-handed people in close combat. This is because of right-handed people being unfamiliar with fighting the rare left-handed opponents, while left-handed people are relatively more familiar with fighting the more common right-handed opponents.[7]

A 2004 study by Charlotte Faurie and Michel Raymond of the University of Montpellier II in France, published in the Proceedings of theRoyal Society, argues that there is such a link. To support this, Faurie and Raymond surveyed nine undeveloped societies on five separate continents. Through a mix of direct observation and existing ethnographic data, they estimated the number of left-handed people within each population. They also looked at murder rates, thinking that those communities with higher murder rates might favor populations with more left-handed people, if left-handedness is a trait associated with greater fitness with regard to combat. Among these samples, they found strong support for the idea that, at least in primitive societies with higher levels of violence, left-handed people are more numerous. The researchers complemented with a discussion of the success of left-handers in certain sports.[12][13]

This theory may also explain why left-handedness is more common in men than in women.[7]

Spiral staircases and towers in castles typically spiral clockwise going up. This was meant to ensure that the (predominantly right-handed) defenders up the stairs had a good angle to swing swords and other weapons down at attackers. Conversely, right-handed attackers would find the weapons constantly colliding with the central pillar of the stairs. Hence, left-handed attackers gained an advantage.


Maybe they could come up with a story based reason to have left-handed fighters? Perhaps all of the members of the assassins guild are either ambidextrous or left-handed?

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Well, "in spirit" lefties have been included in almost all RPGs.

Historically though, Latin for left = sinistre, which created the prejudice superstition that laft-handed people were sinister people and in league with the devil.

In such all villains are left-handed. j/k


But yeah, having to create a double set of animations would be a wasteful allocation of resources for something that would just be a gimmick.

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