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My personal favorite is Anjali.


I am a huge fan of the pillar of fire! I throw all my points into more death and it burns everything alive!!!! My favorite build for her is a ton of agility, doom, and will. When those 3 combine.... Criticals for thousands cause death of everything!!!!!!!!!!

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So far Reinhart. ++ Agility/Attack/Will/Doom = Weapon of mass destruction. It can be a bit cheesy with just putting down a Geometry and rolling arround, but eh, the enemies can be cheesy also >_< .


Infinite dodge rolling is kind of OP. You can do the same with Anjali ... poor mobs!

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As the player character - Anjali. I knew it from the first that I'd like her best no matter what. Still don't like her VA but I like her skill set and since I don't block or dodge, teleport (once I knew it existed, haha) works great for me. :)

From looking at his skills I'd say I'd probably like Reinhart next. I'm a mage type of gal what can I say.

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