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  1. Stop crying just because other people don't want to play with "your" ball. Games are not dumbed down because of control limitation, or even the widespread audience (because games in general target a specific audience like RPG fans or FPS fans). They are dumbed down because gamers in general, over all platforms, cry like little whiny b*****s when they don't have an easy win button!
  2. Well how about this, enable persistent characters who keep their loot. When joining a game you get notified of the host's level and vice versa. If you're level 10 joining a level 20 game, the monsters will most likely destroy you, very fast. Likewise, if someone joining your team is too OP'd or weak, you'd just deny them. MP is about fun and cooperation so if someone isn't playing nice, just boot them. I'm not a big multiplayer gamer, but it seems to me that the MP has a large number of people upset and I think there are some simple things that could be done to change this. Ultimately
  3. Favourite character: Katarina Reason: Boobs! That is all...
  4. I like the idea, but to add on top of it. If one party member goes to a zone portal (we'll call it portals for sake of debate, where one zone is adjoined to another) then the party is only transported if a majority agree on the move to another zone. Press a button to ready up a move to that specific zone. Or all party members must be within a small distance of the portal to proceed.
  5. Then you're extremely lucky you bought it post patch then. Pre-patch Daggerdale game was a technical nightmare, and still may be. You only need to reasd the list of fixes, and see that there was a ton more that wasn't mentioned to know just how awful it was on release from a technical standpoint. Dungeon Siege, despite its flaws, 3 is near perfect in comparison.
  6. If I was a console fanboy I'd still be playing on a console. My gamertag proves that the last time I touched a console was last year (30/12/10, nearly 7 months ago to be exact). If I was a console fanboy I wouldn't have built an
  7. Sacred 2? Nope multiplayer you shared a co-op screen. ie. not split screen. I know for offline multiplayer you shared one screen.. but online I am not sure about. The only time you share a screen is when you are playing two players from one console. Any other multiplayer each gamer gets their own screen, that is for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Too Human. Each player gets their own screen. I'm with MonkeyLungs on this one. I'm pretty sure Sacred 2 is seperate screen for online. Obviously local is going to be shared. Split screen on local games just wouldn't work.
  8. I'm a console fanboy? http://steamcommunity.com/id/unrealwarfare You was saying? I play on "all" platforms without bias, thanks.
  9. This game needs some modding tools for definite.
  10. Divinity 2 isn't even complicated. See monster, kill, take loot, solve the odd puzzle, read the odd mind, use save system every 2 minutes. Profit.
  11. I want an apology because Obsidian hasn't made any lush DLC yet. Oh wait they're too busy fixing issues for all the crybabies? Sod it then, I want an apology from the crybabies instead for delaying my precious DLC that I'll get charged for...
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