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I can't believe there are still people who didn't play Portal when it was free for like a month last year...

I've had Portal for years but have never played it and i don't even plan to.

What's wrong with you?

Valve made it.

1.13 killed off Ja2.

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Risen. Finished the quests in the bandit camp. Really, Piranha Bytes needs better writers. The dialoge is Oblivion level. And the pacing of the story could be better. :ermm:
IMHO the bandit camp is the worst of the questlines. For my first play through I went with Inquisitors and it was much better structured and more immersive.


I went to the bandit camp first as well, since they sounded like a Robin Hood type group. But after I spoke to a few of them I realized they were just a bunch of lazy thieves living in a smelly swamp. Then I snuck into the town and talked to some more folks, and it really became clear that the bandits were a bunch of jerks.


So I did all the town quests and then joined the Inquisition, and it was a very enjoyable progression.

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Finished Singularity again. I only figured out how TMD equipment works near the end, so I wasted a lot of E99 to no benefit. I want to replay it again while knowing what I'm doing.


Started on a Rain-Soaked Precipice play. Actually restarted twice due to various character creation mistakes. As fun as I remember it.

"Show me a man who "plays fair" and I'll show you a very talented cheater."
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My Final Fantasy expedition continues, I'm a good 22hrs in and almost finished with it. Probably a little slow, but its my first, and there are afterall, puzzles which are obscure due to the very age of the game.


I still believe that it's a wonderful example of progression, and sits in the same camp as Zelda and Metriod in that respect. If anything its a shining example of "How to do it", and whenever this formula crops up it tends to result in excellent games, with exceptional progression. Both Batman : AA and Shadow Complex spring to mind when I'm thinking of modern examples, its that very nature of, new item unlocks new content within existing area's.


Sadly Final Fantasy fails in regards to combat, and story. There isn't much there really, the story isn't exactly gripping, and the combat is an annoyance. All's said, for the era the game was made in, I can't complain too much, it has more story than most of that age, and the combat is simplistic enough that eventually you are merely paused a short period of time.


I'm also hitting Dungeon Siege 3 really hard since the patch, and its really good, better than DS1 or 2. Onxy is also impressing me, the core folders are really clean, they've taken the ID approach of placing everything in a few very large files, I'd assume with some compression, I also think that the graphical quality is the highest of the most recent Obsidian titles, lovely lighting and shadows, and frankly more fitting of what I'd expect from Obsidian. F:NV (suffers from the fact the engine stinks, and it can only do ugly. The exception being terrain), and lets not talk about Alpha Protocol, I'm convinced that was developed on a budget of 20 cents.

I came up with Crate 3.0 technology. 

Crate 4.0 - we shall just have to wait and see.

Down and out on the Solomani Rim
Now the Spinward Marches don't look so GRIM!


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