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*The* DRM thread


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2. I agree. Easy LAN play is a major bonus, but I can't really hold the lack of it against anyone. Requiring everyone that wants to play to have a copy seems reasonable to me. It would be nice if more companies would implement something like what Blizzard did with spawned copies of Starcraft and Diablo that allowed only LAN play and only against the original.

It's interesting you mention this as Blizzard has taken it a step in a more restrictive direction -- completely removing LAN play from Diablo 3 in order to help prevent piracy. Want multiplayer? You'll have to play through Battle.net. I don't know if they have / will do the same with Sarcraft 2 though.

Really? I hadn't heard about that. Blizzard is just full of good ideas these days, aren't they?


I don't like it either (I don't like it at all in fact), but it is still far better than EA's DDRM, since it impacts only the longevity of the multiplayer component of the game. Unlike EA's DRM, I will probably not pass up the game because of this factor.

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I don't like it either (I don't like it at all in fact), but it is still far better than EA's DDRM, since it impacts only the longevity of the multiplayer component of the game. Unlike EA's DRM, I will probably not pass up the game because of this factor.



Meh, I would say that Blizzard's bread and butter for Diablo was the closed battle.net servers. In my own experience, the only time I played over a LAN was in fact with a pirated copy (since I hadn't had the time to get the game at that moment). The vast majority of my time played was on battle.net, even though it was usually just with friends (so really no different than a LAN in terms of who I was playing with).

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EA has made a statement on RA3's DDRM:




Mostly unchanged, except the tone is much more gentle, almost apologetic, plus there's this new "promise":


I don

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A patch that removes both online activations and install limits would work for me... except that I don't really trust that they will provide it with 100% certainty. My confidence in EA is already damaged by the DDRM they have imposed on Mass Effect and Spore. This is especially the case if something goes financially wrong with EA over the next X number of years - I doubt they will use their scarce resources, if they are a failing company unable to pay for keeping their activation servers up and running, to patch out their DDRM on their whole library of games.


Also the one game where such a patch was provided (Bioshock) did remove the install limits, but not the online activation, so if the servers go down, so will the ability to install and play the game.


Still, I have to say that this explicit promise is a MAJOR step in the right direction and shows that EA is at least listening to the complaints and is beginning to understand what troubles many of us about their DDRM schemes. For me it is precisely the impact on the longevity of the game that is the main problem with DDRM. As such, after they provide a patch removing DDRM for a specific game, I will purchase it (provided it is a type of game I want to purchase of course, and RA3 is such a type of game), but I will wait until the patch materializes.

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Far Cry 2 has activation limit. (Ubisoft)

Stalker: Clear Sky has activation limit. (GSC)

Mass Effect has activation limit. (EA)

Crisis Warhead has activation limit. (EA)


I think limiting the activation times is becoming a standard in the industry. This makes me consider to completely ignore the PC games and focus to console market. There is no point in being a PC game collector anymore.

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Stalker: Clear Sky has activation limit. (GSC)


Not the North American DVD version, and possibly not any DVD version. As far as I can tell the only people who have had form of activation is those who got it off Steam. If you have any proof that the other releases have a limit please share it, because I cannot find anything. :)


EDIT: And Deepsilver is the one distributing Clear Sky, not GSC.

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It could mean that Dragon Age will relent on DDRM and rely on downloadable post-release content to fight off piracy.


I would buy it for that reason alone if they actually did not use any draconian DRM. :sweat:

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Nothing, but if you look at torrents of, for example, Sins of a Solar empire you will find loads of people condemning those pirating the game.


What? You mean people are posting comments condemning piracy? What on earth does that have to do with fighting piracy.


People are less likely to download if they're being rewarded rather than punished.


Pirate downloads game, pirate downloaded DLC/patches/mods/whatever.


How are people being rewarded or punished?

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I think it's because a lot of d/l content requires a proof of purchase or some other validation of purchasing the game. D/L content is probably also small fries for the big pirating coalitions to get together to crack.


Stardock (I use them because they are often championed for not using DRM and whatnot) only allows patching and whatnot through Impulse, which essentially ensures that the user has a legitimate copy of the game before patching your game.

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gog.com opened to public yesterday \o/

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