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old hard drive on my new system


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I have an old hard drive that has those old ribbon connections to transfer data to the mother board.


I have a new computer that mostly uses those cool little ATA (I think that is what they are called) connections.


The new computer has a Vista OS.


I opened up the case and I was supprised to see on the motherboard a wide ribbon connection and so I connected the old hard drive and a free power connection.


When I turned on the computer, the system started up like usual and did not notice the new hard drive.


I went to the Control Pannel and did an automatic add hard drive call and it did not find the old hard drive.


Any suggestions?


I think my old hard drive is called an IDE drive.


The Jumpers are set to slave. The system does not see it. Maybe I need to get the driver from the manufacturer.


Another thing is this. Does it matter where on the ribbon you connect the harddrive? The ribbon has one connection at the end and anotther one in the middle. I am connecting it to the end.


The hard drive is a seagate model ST320413A and their website does not provide any suggestions for download a driver or making the system recognize the drive.


When I right click on "Computer" and choose manage and click on "Disk Management", here is what I see after I have rebooted and tried a couple of times:


What now?

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Is the disk damage in any way? Ribbon connected correctly? Ribbon connected to the proper connection on the mother board?


If you have an IDE DVD or CD ROM drive disconnect that and connect the hard drive to it. Remove the jumper switch and see if it does anything.


I had to connect four damaged hard drives to my new computer because I have software that can scavenge old data off of them. There was one drive that I had to tinker around with until my computer finally recognized it.

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Now, if I could just jog the old memory properly... isn't there something about the Master/Slave settings and the choice of first or second connector on the IDE cable? Or is that only relevant if chosing the CS (Cable Select) jumper setting?

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If the drive's jumper is set to slave, but there is no master, it will not work :ermm: Furthermore, if you have a new system that came with only SATA-Drives, make sure that IDE/UDMA/PATA (or whatever it is called in your BIOS)-support is activated in your BIOS.

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if you set to cable select, both drives on the ribbon have to be set that way and the one with a shorted pin 28 will be chosen as "master" automatically. as samm said, if there are multiple drives on a ribbon, you need at least one master to work. otherwise, if you only have one drive, but a two connector ribbon, the master goes in the middle slot. i did not realize this till i checked the wiki (always used a 1:1 ribbon) - search for the term "cable select" to get to the settings, btw. this seems a bit retarded to me since the stub that is left hanging will result in problems. i.e., the master should have been configured to be the end connector.



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