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Character love stories

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uhh, what do you mean? You mean some cheesy Biowaresque "i luv u" romance or what? :rolleyes:


If yes, you don't find anything like Bastila "kiss" scene in K2.


Things are much more subtle

i never found out how you get the Bastilla kiss scene. How do you?

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juust be rally nice to her, don't insult her, help her with her mother oh and me a guy.


And when you get the scene where she admits to her feelings for you, but concludes that it's only due to your mutual bond, tell her that she's hiding from the truth. She'll say that such feelings are not allowed among the jedi, and you have to tell to give in just this once. That should trigger the scene in the cargo hold that HK-47 mocks in the sequel. You'll still have to be firm that she is hiding from her feelings and admit your own to her as well, though.

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Try LC's site: http://crimsonkeep.com/downloads/kotor2sound/kotor2wav.php she doesn't have EVERYTHING that Tubertarian had, but she's got some pretty cool stuff. :teehee:


As a side note, if anyone happens to actually have the files from Tubertarian, I would LOVE if they shared them with me, too. :brows:



Check out my KOTOR fan vids on YouTube. And no, they're not of legos.

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