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Is Anyone Still Playing NWN Modules?

Guard Dog

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We have a topic on NWN2 mods but I notice on the vault NWN1 mods are still coming out at a pretty good rate. Does anyone still check them out?


I do have an ulterior motive for asking BTW. Since CEP 2.0 included a lot of CODI material, I picked back up a Planescape setting mod I was toying with back when the Sigil tileset came out. Well, now I have two other builders interested in collaborating on completing the storyline. So far I have well over 100 hours in it and a 6-10 hour story line that is in in either completed or better-than-rough stages. I was curious, is anyone was still even playing NWN1 material?


By the way, I do have a lot of Planescape source material on .PDF. If anyone wants it, PM me an email address and I'll zip it up and send it.

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I've been wanting to try out some NWN2 mods, but I keep trying the ones I see recommended and encountering either bugs or design decisions that just blatantly turn me off. I still download the occasional one to check out, but haven't made time for any of them.


NWN1 suffers the same problems, though. To the point that I just went ahead and uninstalled it a while back.

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I never managed to find the expansions for NWN 1, so my mod playing capabilities were severely limited. That said, I still played them a year ago. I never got started with the Paladin mod, I probably should have, but the discs are rather dead by now.

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The OC really ruined the whole NWN experience, despite really trying to get more value out of the game.

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I go back and check for new NWN2 mods every once in a while, but I uninstalled NWN not too long after getting NWN2.

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My perosnal computer has been out of workings for a couple of months now. Before then, i wa sstill playing NWN1, and once I get it back up 9this week it looks like), I'll be playing it again.




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I recently played a very good MP module for NWN1 with my girlfriend, because we couldn't continue our coop-runthrough of NWN2. Other than that, as a filler for the want of something better, I don't play NWN modules anymore.



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