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Girls, girls, girls

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Hi everybody!


I've reading most of your posts with ideas for Kotor3. They are very interesting. But I think you're lacking something. I know exactly what Kotor3 needs: more sexy girls. :aiee:


Well, I'm sure we all love Handmaiden or Bastila, we are always downloading mods for female underwear, we chose female characters... Etc.


I know this is Star Wars, OK, but didn't we like the iron bra of Leia in The Return of the Jedi? The scenes of dancing in Kotor and Kotor2 could be improved. And why not a girl-girl relationship? In Kotor you can get a massage from a slave of the contrary sex, but if you're a heterosexual male and you're palying with a female character, why can't you get the massage from a female character? :blink:


So I want sexier girls and clothes. The story with the typical Hutt could be a little more complex (what about becoming a slave in his harem :) or a cinematic movie of dancing?), freedom to choose your sexual preferences and one or two new ideas; for instance, working as a dancer in the cantina :) to get some money or going undercover unarmed with the local boss to obtain information.


What's your opinion about this? Any more ideas?


See you!


PD: Revan was a girl, :* , and a sexy one!

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Well, I guess we DO need a new figure to drool over post-Aalya Secura...



But I'll be honest, I wished my female Exile could have been just a wee bit sexier. But as mentioned before, it (sexiness to a near softcore porn level) isn't really a necessity




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While I do believe that many might enjoy more...romance...in the next Kotor game, be it more gals or guys - :) - we have a current thread for Kotor3 suggestions & discussion.

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