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Vampire: Bloodlines


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[i haven't sided with the Kuei-jin yet (or played a Tremere), so I haven't seen if that allows for other endings.]

If you side with the Kuei-Jin, you'll discover a completely different use for the sarcophagus :thumbsup:

Side with the enemy? Such an unkindred act to do.


Kuei-Jin are for killing. :o

and vampires are there to betray others


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What type of vampire is Pisha, the one who consumes blood and flesh or mrtals?

I was under the impression that she wasn't necessarily a Vampire. She doesn't seem to regard herself as such. Certainly she's some kind of undead since she was "alive" at some point (and a lesbian, no less) but the fact that she eats flesh as opposed to blood would make her something different. Also the implication was that she wasn't embraced, but achieved undeath through her necromantic pursuits. That's what I gathered, anyway.


If she is a vampire, she's of some incredibly obscure bloodline. I haven't read of any strains of vampirism that fit the bill, but then again all the materials I have are post-Masquerade.

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I think she was a Nagaraja.




Seems to fit the bill. I know I've read about one type of flesh-eating vampires in one of the books, I just don't recognize the name Nagaraja all that well. But it's been a while so it could just be my memory, or there is another type of flesh eaters. But as I said, Nagaraja seems to fit the bill.

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My wife is playing through Bloodlines for the First time, so I get to expirence it all over again from a newbie perspective, its great to see someone I love enjoying a Game that I love :blink:


Watching her do the haunted house was hysterical... I cant wait untill she has to do the snuff movie set and Tzimicie Haven.



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Nope, I like her, so no reason to attack her.


But it says so in the guide. :aiee:


And she has all the signs of the Nagaraja.

I only attacked her that time, then I reloaded the game which I saved prior to that. I like her no need to make it legit that I got her blood on my hands.


Hades was the life of the party. RIP You'll be missed.

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I'm replaying this game now, although I said I never would(combat annoyed me) and I'm really liking it much more this time around. Maybe that's because I just finished with the crapfest that was KOTOR II for the final time. The difference in the quality of quests and atmosphere between the two is like night and day. It took 20 hrs for KOTOR II to get interesting on my 2nd playthrough whereas Bloodlines is fun from the start. Though it does feel a bit odd playing as female.. :ph34r:

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Ah man, reading this makes me want to start up Bloodlines again...good thing it's Winter Break and the quarter is over so I've got time to do so. Yay!


I personally love the Malkavians and the Tremere - Malks for the hilariously awesome dialogues and Tremere because they're mages and I :( mages.


Best part of the second playthrough: talking to the thin blood Malk and going, "Oh. THAT'S what she meant."


We should all write to White Wolf and tell 'em they need to get a developer to make more WoD CRPGs. I'm not familiar with the setting, but I love what little I do know. Mage the Mage setting if not the Vampire one...hmm...

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